Temporary Works Design (Below Ground), online

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About this workshop

This one-day course is one of three complementary courses on temporary works design, focussing on the wide range of temporary works that take place below ground. The companion courses are Temporary Works Design (Above Ground) and Temporary Works Coordination.

The course encourages the exchange of experience by means of delegate comments and questions, group discussion and team exercises.


Temporary Works is a particular source of risk on site, both from a safety and commercial point of view. Following a series of collapses in the 1970s, the Bragg report and subsequently BS 5975 were produced, to assist designers and users of temporary works.

The industry still recognises today, along with the HSE, the risks associated with temporary works with the competency of the designer being a key point of concern.

Correct design, co-ordination and execution of temporary works is essential to the overall requirement of any project to be completed in accordance with safety, time and budget, health and environmental constraints.

Temporary Works design is different from design of permanent works in several respects, including:

  • Importance of understanding site operations and constraints
  • Need to work closely with the contractor
  • Importance of erection methods and co-ordination

Temporary Works therefore has a code of practice BS5975 that in addition to technical issues also contains a section on procedural control and co-ordination.

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