The comprehensive CDM2015 overview, London

10 - 11 October, 2017

Venue address:

The Hatton
51-53 Hatton Garden
United Kingdom

About this event

A useful two day classroom course guiding you through the full range of changes to the CDM Regulations.

The programme covers:

  • What is required of you during the transition period from April to October 2015
  • What is required from the principal designer and designer
  • What is required from the client

This training course has been peer reviewed by the ICE Health and Safety Panel as part of the ICE knowledge transfer strategy to ensure the communication of best practice.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the principles of CDM in relation to accident and ill health trends, including health and safety in design and how this affects work during construction, use, maintenance and eventual demolition
  • Be clear on the links between CDM and current UK health and safety legislation (including risk assessment and the general principles of prevention)
  • Be clear on the links between CDM and accepted project management principles
  • Gain an appreciation for the importance of collaborative working
  • Know how recommended management tools can be used to put CDM principles into practice
  • Understand the roles of the principal designer and designer under CDM
  • Be clear on the process of managing and coordinating health and safety in design, including: the communication process; collaborative team-based risk management; change management, and impact of design on accident prevention strategies
  • Utilise recommended risk management tools (including an introduction to uses for BIM technology) to inform design decisions relating to reasonably foreseeable risks
  • Understand the role of the client - domestic and commercial - under CDM
  • Know how to use CDM principles when procuring construction work, including: building the project team; creating a positive health and safety culture; contractual considerations; how client decisions impact on health and safety during design and construction