Mentor supported training programme forum, Bristol

4 October, 2017 | 09:00 - 11:00

Venue address:

Marriott Bristol City Centre
2 Lower Castle Street
Old Market
Bristol BS1 3AD
United Kingdom

About this event

Mentor-supported training helps engineers complete their initial professional development (IPD). The training is supervised by approved mentors and who support trainees through their IPD, helping them progress to the next step in the professional qualification process – the Professional Review.

We will discuss mentor supported training processes along with practical IPD management. There will also be opportunities to ask questions and to share and learn from others.

Breakfast will be included.

The event will take place from 09:00 at Marriott Bristol City Centre, 2 Lower Castle Street, Old Market, Bristol, BS1 3AD. Refreshments and breakfast will be served on arrival.

The seminar will be run by Suzanne Willis, Membership Development Officer.


For further information contact:

Paul Hunt, Membership Coordinator
t: 0121 237 3648

Attending this event

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