Technicians Professional Review, London

22 November - 20 December, 2017

Venue address:

Institution of Civil Engineers
One Great George Street
London SW1P 3AA
United Kingdom

About this event

Two workshops have been set up in advance of the Technician Professional Review scheduled for Spring 2018.

Both workshops need to be done to gain the most from the initiative.

The first event is a complete overview and questions – programmed 2 months before the submission date. You will then be given the EngTech form to have a go at as well as your CPD records and appendices before the next event.

The second workshop, 1 month before the submission date will be a short review of the process with time to discuss the EngTech form, appendices and CPD records which you will have hopefully mostly completed by then. There will be time for discussion on other information needed, plus information regarding the interview.

These workshops are expected to last about 2 hours, are free and the location is One Great George Street – very informal. This will then give you approximately one month to complete your submission by January 2018.

Each session will run from 10:00 - 12:00 pm.

Session 1: 22 November 2017
Session 2: 20 December 2017

Attending this event

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