• sce and delegated engineers

    Student Mentorship Programme – Engineers x Engineers, Hong Kong

    This programme offers career planning support and networking opportunity to ICE student members. It provides an excellent opportunity for student members to meet young engineers in their early stage of professional development. Students will be able to learn more about career planning while developing the potential leadership of young engineers.

    12 January, 2019
    • member support (ieng & ceng)

    Career Appraisal counselling, Hong Kong

    This Career Appraisal counselling session aims to help those taking the self-managed Initial Professional Development route graduates.

    25 January, 2019
    • professional review preparation

    2019 Chartered Professional Review preparation workshops, Hong Kong

    The workshops will comprise of group discussion, on-class exercise/presentation as well as lecture.

    Hong Kong
    09 February, 2019
    From HK$900
    • member support (ieng & ceng)

    Attribute-based Professional Assessment counselling, Hong Kong

    This counselling session aims to help candidate understanding and being able to provide evidence of achievement of the attributes which is key to success for membership of ICE.

    22 February, 2019