Return to a career in civil engineering

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If you're considering a return to a career in civil engineering, ICE can help you re-launch your career. Discover how you can refresh your knowledge and skills, and access support to get back into work in the civil engineering industry.

Our Civils Comeback programme will provide you with the support you need, from learning more about how the industry has evolved, to accessing work placements and dedicated careers support programmes.

What are we offering?

To help get you back in to the work place, you'll find resources including:

  • Information and access to work-placements with sponsoring organisations
  • Support through the ICE Benevolent Fund's 'Back to Work' scheme, providing the tools needed to return to engineering
  • Access to knowledge resources and networking events
  • Details about our mentoring service

How else can we help you?

We offer a huge range of knowledge and services that support civil engineers and those embarking on a career in civil engineering. From events covering every aspect of civil engineering and it's related topics, to producing specialist knowledge content aimed at informing and upskilling the industry. Use the tabs below to lear more about our services and how you can join us.

How can membership of ICE help you?

Becoming a member of ICE is a demonstration of your commitment to reaching the top of your profession. Our members, coming from across the world, are active at all levels of the civil engineering profession - from those just starting out at university or on apprenticeships, to industry leaders.

Joining ICE gives you access to a huge range of services, as well as the chance to meet and engage with a huge community of people across the industry.

Some of the benefits of membership include:

  • The opportunity to achieve professional qualification as an incorporated (IEng) or chartered engineer (CEng), or engineering technician (EngTech)
  • Access to learning and support to help you achieve your goals including dedicated training and support from our membership experts
  • A vast range of events covering every aspect of civil engineering - helping to develop your knowledge and skills
  • The opportunity to lend your knowledge and experience to help lead and shape the civil engineering profession
  • Discounts on a range of products and services including specialist journals

How can you become a member?

Your journey to membership depends upon your circumstances - particularly your educational qualifications and work experience.

To help guide you through this journey, we've created an online tool that can help tell you what you'll need to do in order to become professionally qualified - no matter your current circumstances. We'll ask you some questions to help understand your current position, and then provide you with a free MyICE account containing personalised membership advice and support, tailored to you.

Start your journey today

How can you return to ICE?

If you've previously been a member of ICE and your membership has expired, then we'd love to have you back!

Reinstating your membership depends on what your previous grade of membership was, how long you've been away and whether or not you were professionally qualified. We've prepared a detailed guide on how you can reinstate your membership.

What is professional qualification?

Becoming professionally qualified with ICE is a demonstration of your competence. It shows your employer and your peers that you're highly capable and committed to improving your skills and self development.

Achieving professional qualification is generally based on your educational qualifications, your work experience and passing our Professional Review.

Learn more about qualification and the steps you'll take

Meet our members

Samina Khan CEng FICE

Samina Khan CEng FICE

Civil engineering events online

We run and support hundreds of civil engineering events across the world, covering every aspect of industry. Many of these events are broadcast online and accessible to both members and non members. See our upcoming events available to view online.

Recorded lectures

Many of our events are recorded, giving you 24/7 access on any device. ICE members get exclusive early access to many of these recordings. See a sample of some of our freely available recordings.

Help with your professional development

We run a range of training courses and events to help you develop your skills and experience. From courses on aspects of health and safety, through to the utilisation of BIM, as well has dedicated help with personal development, you'll find something to help you.

Access our civil engineering knowledge

We produce a huge range of civil engineering knowledge, from broad introductions to specialist topics, case studies and best practice through to industry leading journals and books. Access some of our latest resources or browse for more.

Search the ICE Library

If you're a member of ICE, you can browse and borrow books from the ICE Library, the world's largest dedicated civil engineering resource - wherever you are in the world.

Search the ICE Library now

ICE Publishing - Books and journals

ICE's publishing arm - ICE Publishing - produces a range of specialist civil engineering journals - with members enjoying discounts of up to 94%. We also produce a vast range of books and eBooks on all topics related to civil engineering.

Find out more about our journals and books

Latest civil engineering roles from ICE Recruit

Access one-to-one learning and mentoring

Engineer mentoring colleagues on a road site

Our mentoring scheme pairs members who are looking for guidance and advice with experienced engineering professionals.

If you're an ICE member looking for help and advice in achieving your professional qualification, or already qualified and looking to sharpen your skills, then Mentor Match could help.

Find out more about Mentor Match - our one-to-one mentoring scheme

A question of ethics

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, unsure of the right decision to make or you simply need in the moment guidance, the ICE SayNo Tookit can help.

Use the SayNO app