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The James Rennie Medal

James Rennie was a well-known civil engineer. He passionately believed that to work in civil engineering you need in-depth and thorough training.

Rennie spent most of his 70-year career carefully tutoring his pupils to make them great civil engineers. Former ICE President Douglas Oakervee was one of these pupils.

After his death in 1994, ICE created The James Rennie Medal. It celebrates Rennie's commitment to training young engineers and encouraging them to become ICE members.

About the award

The James Rennie Medal promotes the achievements of newly qualified chartered civil engineers.

The competition was first held in 1996 and is won by the best Chartered Professional Review candidate.

Rules of entry

  • Professional reviewers nominate candidates who show outstanding qualities in their review and really promote developments in civil engineering.
  • Their project reports and presentations also need to show they thoroughly understand engineering design and construction principles
  • Each finalist presents their report and participates in a lively question and answer session with the audience and judging panel
  • The winner is announced on the night
  • Winners receive The James Rennie Medal and £1,000, which are presented at the ICE Annual Awards Ceremony.
  • All three finalists also get a certificate and the chance to have their reports published in an ICE journal.

Previous Winners

View details of previous winners of The James Rennie Medal below.

Tina Gunnarson

Tina Gunnarsson CEng MICE

Tina Gunnarsson CEng MICE from Balfour Beatty won the 2020 James Rennie Medal for her presentation on the Minigo Suspension Bridge in Rwanda.

On winning the medal Tina said: “It is an incredible honour to have been awarded the James Rennie Medal. I hope the presentation inspires engineers across our industry to use their knowledge and skills to create positive changes in the world."

The view from The James Rennie Medal panel

Darren James, Chair of Judges for the 2020 James Rennie Medal, shared his views on a memorable contest: “There is always an expectation that the three finalists, having been selected from an annual pool of over 1,000 Chartered Professional Review candidates, are going to impress.

“Zuzanna Stone, Aneeka Barmi and Tina Gunnarsson in an all-female final did not disappoint. Their presentations were nothing short of inspiring and made judging very difficult for the panel.

"A winner was chosen however, and I congratulate Tina for a fantastic rallying call about the importance of civil engineering to society and how she has made a tremendously positive impact already in the early years of what is sure to be an impressive career. Next year’s competition has a tough act to follow.”

  • 2019 - Stephen Thompson
  • 2018 - George Scott
  • 2017 - Joseph Maltezos
  • 2016 - Olivia Perkins
  • 2015 - Joe Berrisford
  • 2014 – Sam Reed
  • 2013 – Charles Brooks
  • 2012 – Eamonn Slevin
  • 2011 – Kajiura Hisanao

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