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The Tony Chapman Medal

The Tony Chapman Medal is awarded to the best Member Professional Review candidate.

This award promotes the role of newly qualified incorporated members (IEng). It's open to all applicants who passed their review in the year before the medal was awarded.

Who was Tony Chapman?

Tony Chapman (1948-2004) worked hard to promote ICE incorporated members. He was a member of the ICE Council, Finance Committee and Professional Development Committee. He also chaired the Building Committee.

Tony was also a former Chairman of the Board of Incorporated Engineers and Technicians, and played an important role when it was integrated into ICE. He was also an ICE reviewer.

Nomination process

Reviewers nominate candidates who have:

  • Shown a passion and enthusiasm for civil engineering
  • Continually taken part in ICE activities
  • Contributed to the profession
  • Outstanding qualities in all attributes

The Tony Chapman Medal panel is delighted to announce that Charles Taylor was chosen as this year's winner.

Charles graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University (now Leeds Beckett) in 2014 with a 2:1 in Civil Engineering BSc (Hons).

Charles Taylor

Charles works as an Urban Traffic Control (UTC) Engineer for Transport for Greater Manchester. His current role is to deliver the design and modelling of complex traffic signal junctions within Greater Manchester.

“I am incredibly proud to be receiving the Tony Chapman Medal. I am extremely grateful and thankful for the recognition I have received for my work leading up to this moment. I would like to thank my employer, Transport for Greater Manchester, who have supported me throughout this process. I’d also like to thank those who have played a key role in my professional development throughout my career, without whom I would not be in a position to accept this award. I look forward to continuing my professional development with the ICE and seizing the opportunities it will bring. Thank you!”

The view from the Tony Chapman Medal panel

Mike McGuire (Chair of TC Award) Quote: The Tony Chapman Award judges were impressed by Charles specialist knowledge of cycle & pedestrian route design associated with traffic junctions and his ability to discuss project challenges with interested parties and clients. He confidently explained the design aspects of his work and having to consider the design requirements and the behavioural tendencies of cyclists to ignore regulations.

Charles shares his experience with other young engineers and technicians, is helping a colleague with his IEng preparations and has a genuine commitment to civil engineering and the ICE and is worthy winner of the Tony Chapman Award.

  • 2021 - Laura Bourne IEng MICE
  • 2020 – Kelly McNee IEng MICE
  • 2019 – Alex Gillespie IEng MICE
  • 2018 – Chris McGinness IEng MICE
  • 2017 – Thomas O'Connor IEng MICE
  • 2016 – Ivik Masek IEng MICE
  • 2015 – Thomas Moore IEng MICE
  • 2014 – Edward Scott IEng MICE
  • 2013 – Lindsay Tassell IEng MICE

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