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Construction Design Management: workplace 'in use' guidance for designers

This CIRIA book gives designers guidance on their legal duties and explains health and safety issues for a wide range of structures.

CIRIA book 'CDM 2007 - workplace 'in use' guidance for designers'
CIRIA book 'CDM 2007 - workplace 'in use' guidance for designers'

Who wrote this?

Alan Gilbertson, under contract to CIRIA.


This third edition was first published in April 2007.


To improve designers' awareness of hazards to improve safety in the end design.

Who should read this?

Designers wanting to develop their knowledge of safety and hazards. This is a companion guide to the CIRIA guide 'CDM 2007 - Construction work sector guidance for designers', which addresses construction hazards.


The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (known as CDM 2007) affect all construction work of any significance in the UK. The Regulations place duties upon all designers and this guide is designed to assist in fulfilling those duties with respect to Construction Work. 

CDM 2007 builds upon earlier health and safety legislation by imposing a framework of duties so that all the parties to a construction project must consider health and safety and best practice standards. The Regulations have an Approved Code of Practice L144 (known as the ACoP) titled Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, which has legal status and must be referred to alongside CDM 2007.

This 203-page book addresses workplace 'in-use' hazards; there is a companion CIRIA guide (CDM 2007 - Construction work sector guidance for designers) which addresses construction hazards.

This book covers:

  • Introduction to CDM 2007
  • Workplace regulations
  • Explains a range of hazards 
  • Information on typical workplaces

For more information and questions, please contact management@ice.org.uk.

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