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Nuclear Institute - Nuclear Delta requirements

This paper gives the Nuclear Delta requirements needed to become an accredited nuclear professional with the Nuclear Institute.

A nuclear power station
A nuclear power station

Who wrote this?

The Nuclear Delta was established by the Nuclear Institute.


It was first published in August 2013 and updated in August 2014.


To gain a level of industry uniformity regarding the base level of nuclear understanding.

Who should read this?

Anyone coming into the nuclear industry to work and anyone who is in charge of new-to-nuclear workers. 


This paper gives the requirements to achieve the Nuclear Delta, the basic level of understanding used by the Nuclear Institute. It breaks down the understanding of nuclear safety that must be demonstrated in particular areas including personal behaviour, safety culture, scientific background of nuclear safety, the regulatory regime, the physics of nuclear power and the management of sensitive information.

For more information and questions, please contact management@ice.org.uk.

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