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Environment Agency carbon calculator tool

06 May 2015

Use this tool to work out the final carbon impact of different material and transport options and the footprint of an overall project.

Environment Agency carbon calculator tool
Use this tool to find out your carbon inpact.

Who wrote this?

The Environment Agency.


It was first published by the Environment Agency in July 2012 and has been updated periodically since then.

At the time of writing, the current version is 3.6 from April 2014.


To assess the carbon impacts associated with materials used in construction.

Who should read this?

Anyone who is in charge of construction projects and wants to minimise the carbon impact. Anyone struggling to work out the carbon footprint on a project. Anyone wanting to weigh up different project choices for their carbon impacts.


This is an Excel based tool, published by the Environment Agency in July 2012, that allows you to compare and assess material and transport choices in your construction project. It is also a tool for assessing the final carbon footprint of the project.

The carbon calculator measures the greenhouse gas impacts of construction activities in terms of carbon dioxide equivalency (CO2e). It does this by calculating the embodied CO2e of materials plus the CO2e associated with their transportation. It also considers personnel travel, site energy use and waste management.

The tool can be used to assess and compare the sustainability performance of different design and management choices at the options appraisal stage. It helps highlight where you can make big carbon savings on specific construction projects. It can also be used to help calculate your organisation’s overall carbon footprint from construction and identify ways of reducing it.

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  • Charles Jensen, knowledge content producer at ICE