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Briefing sheet

Cycle design guidance

20 September 2016

How can we design our towns and cities to increase cycle use and other forms of Active Travel? This briefing sheet provides a collection of recommended cycle design guidance and good practice information for Transport professionals and those interested in street design for active travel.

Cycle design guidance
The National Cycling Network.

Improving the design of the roads and streets as well as the broader built environment is vital to allow and encourage cycle use.

ICE has created this briefing sheet to provide information for engineers and planners on how cycling infrastructure can be effectively designed, planned and integrated into our towns and cities.

The information and links collated in this report are not extensive, but provide direction to much some of the guidance and information available to transport infrastructure professionals for planning, designing and delivering cycling infrastructure in the built environment. Some of the guidance also makes reference to providing for walking.

Simply click on each title within the report, which will take you directly to the host site.

Cycle Design Guidance Material

Content type: Briefing sheet

Last updated: 26/04/2022

Author: ICE

  • Adam Kirkup, engineering communities manager at ICE