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Project 13 Infrastructure Governance Code: engineering great decisions to change society

25 January 2023

This cross-industry code provides a structure for good practice that allows for constructive challenge, supporting effective decision-making. This will lead to better project outcomes for stakeholders, society, and the world.

Project 13 Infrastructure Governance Code: engineering great decisions to change society
The Project 13 Infrastructure Governance Code - enabling better decisions in order to deliver better project outcomes.

As an industry, we’re acutely aware of the significant challenges that face us. Not least the climate crisis, but also the pressures created by a growing global population with expectations of better living standards.

We must now act more effectively, and with greater urgency, to address these challenges and deliver positive outcomes not only for those sponsoring and developing projects but also for society and the world.

Good governance is critical to enabling such outcomes.

This Infrastructure Governance Code has been born out of Project 13 – a community of global infrastructure organisations brought together by the Infrastructure Client Group (ICG) that are working together to establish new delivery models.

You can find out more about Project 13, this Code and join the Project 13 Network at

Developed collaboratively by practitioners for practitioners across our industry, the Infrastructure Governance Code is structured around principles organised into six themes, to be used on a ‘comply or explain’ basis, underpinned by supporting provisions.

It provides a structured system of good practice allowing for constructive challenge that creates the right environment for effective decision-making – which, in turn, will lead to better outcomes.

The ICE strongly supports the work of the ICG’s Project 13 and has facilitated the production of this code.

During its development, the institution was delighted to receive input and support from across industry - clients, contractors and consultants.

This has been crucial to ensuring the code is fit for purpose and to show that it’s not just for civil engineers but for everyone in infrastructure.

In particular, the code has been formally endorsed by:

  • The Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA)
  • The Association for Project Management (APM)
  • The Major Projects Association (MPA)
  • The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

You can read their statements on pages 8-9 of the document, which is available to download below.

The ICE will be actively promoting this code and pursuing its adoption across industry. The institution encourages you to see the value of the code and make the case for adopting it in your own organisation.

Project 13 Infrastructure Governance Code

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Last updated: 24/01/2023

Author: ICE knowledge insights team

  • Simon Hall, knowledge insights manager at Institution of Civil Engineers