1D/2D flood modelling, Edinburgh

29 March, 2017 | 18:00 - 20:00

A representation of 1D & 2D modelling
A representation of 1D & 2D modelling

About this event

Calibration of flood inundation extents produced by flood models has been limited by the difficulty in collecting post-event flood data. Traditionally post-event data has been limited to observed flood levels at a few locations, or spatial mapping of flood extents based on trash marks left after a flood has receded.

With the advent of smart phones, social media and a populace better-informed regarding flooding, much more data can now be made available.

This talk describes the calibration of two linked 1D/2D models using data obtained during the winter 2015/2016 floods in Dumfries and Galloway. It describes the available data and how the data was used to improve model predictions, with a discussion on the calibration and uncertainties in 2D flood modelling.

Registration from 6.00pm for a 6.30pm.

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Callum Anderson, Kaya Consulting Limited.

A civil engineer with six years of experience working with Glasgow City Council and Kaya Consulting Limited. Callum is an experienced flood modelling expert, having undertaken more than 100 flood studies at Kaya.