Investigations and remediation of a 25 year old landfill capping, Loughborough

17 March, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

Investigations into a 16 hectare landfill capping 25 years on.
Investigations into a 16 hectare landfill capping 25 years on.

About this event

Investigations have been undertaken at a 16 hectare landfill capping to assess performance after some 25 years.

The site has been the subject of quite extensive monitoring, hydrological and other studies. Although environmental monitoring has shown no indication of large scale failure, there have been discrepancies in calculated water balance and it was thought these may be due to about 100 gas vent/probe holes which had been installed through the geomembrane.

The capping comprises about 1m of cover soils over 0.45mm LLDPE geomembrane. Work was undertaken in 2013 to investigate these penetrations and improve the membrane-to-probe interface by installation of suitable geomembrane 'boots'. These remedial works were successful, but revealed a series of unanticipated gaps in the geomembrane.

Further investigations were undertaken to characterise the nature and extent of those defects and assess likely causes. This talk will explore the approaches adopted to pursue the additional investigations; the findings of that work; options considered to address the issues; and the intervention strategy which was chosen in response.


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Alec Marshall


Eugene Gallagher

Eugene has over 20 years' experience in geotechnical and environmental engineering and leads Coffey Geotechnics' environmental geotechnics team based in Manchester, acting as a focus for knowledge globally within Coffey for geosynthetics and containment engineering (landfills, repositories, waste management, heap leach pads and tailings lagoons). He has advised on and undertaken projects across the UK, Middle East, Africa and Australia. A longstanding member of IGS he has published extensively on geosynthetics and landfill steepwall lining systems.