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35 years in sewage and still smiling! Peterborough

12 October, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

Abbey Mills pumping station.
Abbey Mills pumping station.

About this event

Because of the efforts of successive generations of engineers, legislators and educators our water is now safe to drink and our rivers largely pollution free.

It wasn't always like that! Prior to the mid-19th century and the setting up of the Metropolitan Board of Works with its Chief Engineer Sir Joseph Bazalgette, thousands of people died through drinking contaminated water and raw sewage ran down the streets of London and other large cities.

Thankfully because of various acts of parliament, local authorities, water authorities, and now water companies have transformed the quality of our drinking water and the purity of our rivers.

Brian started his career in the water industry with the Great London Council in 1965 working on schemes E & F for the reconstruction of Abbey Mills Pumping Station and career has spanned the second half of this transformation.

Using examples from his own experience and some anecdotes he will give a brief history of the part played by engineers in bring about this transformation.


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Brian Keegan

Brian began his career in the Water Industry in 1965, initially with the Greater London Council and then with Anglian Water, becoming Chartered in 1975 and progressing to the role Engineering Manager of the Lincoln Design Office. Between 1999 and 2003 he was Assistant Head of Transport and Engineering for Peterborough City Council in charge of street lighting, drainage and bridges.