50 years waiting for a train, Huthwaite

18 January, 2017 | 18:30 - 19:30

The new station at Ilkeston.
The new station at Ilkeston.

About this event

Derbyshire County Council (DCC) is delivering a new railway station at Ilkeston, returning rail connectivity after it was severed in January 1967 as a result of the Beeching Report.

Reopening a station at Ilkeston was first proposed in 1999 following the successful reopening of the Robin Hood Line in 1998 led by DCC and Nottinghamshire County Council. The new Ilkeston Station will provide access to employment centres of Nottingham to the east and towns and cities northwards towards Leeds. It will provide a viable alternative to commuting by car and allow inward investment into Ilkeston to aid recovery after major chain store closures. The proposal remained an aspiration until a 'perfect storm' of circumstances arose in 2013. Construction is near completion with the station being due to open in April 2017.

Geoff Pickford, Service Director at DCC, will provide an overview of what it takes to get a project of this scale and complexity off the drawing board into reality; highlighting the key challenges. He will be supported by Gary Thompson, Associate at Aecom, who will describe some of the project management difficulties overcome along the way. Robyn Briggs, NR Project Manager, will cover construction aspects.


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