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A New Approach to Easing Congestion, Selangor

  • Lecture
  • Selangor
  • 16 July 2019
  • 18:00 - 20:30
A New Approach to Easing Congestion, Selangor

About this event

Congestion, gridlock, traffic... all describe the same phenomenon often observed in advanced and, even more so, in developing economies. According to a study from 2017 people in Kuala Lumpur spend about 53 minutes stuck in traffic every day.

And while congestion is often understood as an indicator of prosperity, the effects of traffic can quickly turn into a growth-stifling problem with severe impacts on economies, the environment and the overall population wellbeing. These consequences are not only noticeable populous cities, even sparsely populated places like New Zealand are no exception.

In this talk, we will have a look at an event that led to reconsider conservative approaches to easing congestion, hear about the development of a business case that explores alternatives, and learn how data analysis and new technologies combined with graphic design and a human centered approach help engineers make informed decisions and communicate more effectively with clients and stakeholders.


Alexandra Hall

Alexandra  Hall

Alexandra is a Chartered Civil Engineer with more than eight years’ experience in the engineering industry working specifically on rail, airport and strategic transport projects in New Zealand, the Pacific and Europe. She started her career as a project manager for bridge building projects and soon developed into her role as a senior construction operation specialist for Deutsche Bahn (German Railway) consulting on major rail projects in Europe.

In 2016 she relocated to New Zealand to work on and lead a range of multidisciplinary transport projects. Alexandra is passionate about new technologies, diversity and making our cities more sustainable, accessible and enjoyable which reflects in her project work. She believes that meaningful outcomes and true innovation are best created when engineering is combined with design thinking, or simply, empathy and diversity. She also volunteers her time to encourage children and particularly girls into STEM by sharing her exciting engineering journey and creating spaces for children to start their own.

Alexandra usually based in Auckland NZ, has joined the Arup team in Kuala Lumpur for three months which has already gifted her unforgettable personal and professional experiences.

Event venue

SEGi University
Auditorium A, Level 2,
Jalan Teknologi, Kota Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Selangor 47810

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