AMP 6 – the latest developments, Reading

1 March, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

Find out what has changed and what it means.
Find out what has changed and what it means.

About this event

The UK water industry is now entering the 6th AMP. The relationships between Water Companies and their contractors have been developing over the years and now the level of collaboration and risk sharing is market leading.

This talk will explain how Thames Water have moved on from AMP5 and outline the strategy they have developed to promote long term relationships that allow innovation and knowledge sharing far beyond the traditional design and build contracts.

It is envisaged that this long term approach, which shares regulatory risk and reward, provides a genuine opportunity for Thames and its supply chain partners to work in collaboration to meet the future demands of the sector and enhance the service experienced by its customers.

Event materials

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Steve Spencer

Steve is a senior manager at Thames Water who is part of the leadership team accountable for the establishment and success of the eight2O alliance.

During AMP5 Steve was the Head of Capital Delivery and was integral to the development of the new alliancing strategy and played a key role in the procurement exercise. Steve will provide insight into the reasons for this new approach, the difference between Thames Water's more traditional approach to capital investment and the benefits that are already being seen.

Steve has worked in the water industry for over 22 years, having worked previously with Southern Water and engineering consultancies in the UK and Australia. Steve has held senior positions covering Operations, Asset Management, Capital Investment and Customer Service.