17th annual film evening, London

6 December, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

Offshore Engineering Society
Offshore Engineering Society's annual film evening.

About this event

Films in this year's packed event will once again cover a wide variety of diverse topics, spanning a period of over 50 years of offshore activities.

1. Operation North Sea (18min29)
Archive film showing installation of two steel platforms in the North Sea, 1965

2a. Clair Ridge progress - 2015 (10min17)
2b. Clair Ridge progress - update (11min17)
Topsides fabrication and installation for two platforms west of Shetlands, 2015-16

3. Decommissioning the Brent field (10min33)
Plans for decommissioning the North Sea Brent field, including use of Allseas'
Pioneering Spirit, 2016

4. SMD trenching machine QT1400 (4min47)
Pipeline trenching tool

5. Tullow TEN project (10min25)
Pipeline and subsea structure installation offshore Ghana, 2016

6. Tideway – offshore contractor (4min46)
Scour protection by rock dumping

7. Kentish Flats Extension inauguration (10min47)
Getting the local community onside for expansion of an offshore wind farm, 2016

8a. Blue Piling Pt1 (1min24)
8b. Blue Piling Pt2 (1min39)
Innovative technique for driving offshore wind farm monopiles

9. The search for the MH370 (4min10)
Record-breaking deep water survey offshore Western Australia for remains of the lost Malaysian Airlines plane

Event materials

The following materials are available for download:


Dr Ray Hobbs

Dr Ray Hobbs has been active in the offshore industry for over 40 years and, following a long career in Lloyds Register as head of its geotechnical team has, for some 16 years, been a successful independent consultant covering both the oil and gas and renewables sectors. As well as desk work, he has made frequent trips offshore, including to the Clair Ridge DP jacket installation in 2013.

He is a former chairman and long-term committee member of OES and also sits on API, ISO, IOGP and BSI code-writing committees covering offshore geotechnics and site investigation, as well as the SUT Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics committee and the British Geotechnical Association's executive committee. He actively contributed to writing ISO 19901-8 (Marine Soil Investigations) and the SUT Guidance Notes on ground investigations for offshore renewables, and is on the organising committee for the 2017 OSIG conference. He has previously served on IMarEST's Technical Affairs Committee.