42nd Annual Paviors’ Lecture - The streets of London: safe, reliable and cared for, London

7 February, 2017 | 16:30 - 18:30

The Livery Company maintains London’s roads and streets.
The Livery Company maintains London’s roads and streets.

About this event

This year the Paviors' Lecture will take the audience back to the grass roots of the Livery Company as it focuses on the maintenance and management of London's roads and streets.

Admission to the lecture is free of charge but those planning to attend, who are not Liverymen, are asked to register at https://skempton.wufoo.eu/forms/42nd-annual-paviors-lecture-dana-skelley/

Light refreshments will be available from 16:30 with the lecture starting at 17:15 and finishing about 18:30.

This will be followed by a drinks reception lasting approximately one hour.


For more information, please contact:

Alexandra Williams
e: alexandra.williams@imperial.ac.uk

Event materials

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Dana Skelley

Dana Skelley

Dana is Asset Management Director at 'Transport for London' (TfL) and carries the responsibilities for which the Paviors' Company was constituted in the 13th Century but today on a far larger scale. This involves not only roads but footpaths, tunnels, bridges and traffic lights. She leads a team of about 450 engineers.

Dana joined TfL in 2000 after working at London boroughs following an engineering degree and subsequently an MBA.

In addition to her professional duties, she has put considerable effort into encouraging and supporting women in engineering. She was awarded an OBE in 2015 for her services to transport in the UK and the Paviors' Medal for Excellence in 2016.

Dana will trace the history of London's streets in the context of the overall city infrastructure and reflect on changing attitudes to safety, care and reliability. She will then address the management of London's streets today and into the future against the background of a case study entitled, 'Safe, reliable and cared-for streets designed for London's future'.