The application of Artificial Ground Freezing (AGF) and its future for civil engineering projects, Bradford

14 March, 2017 | 18:30 - 20:30

L-R Speakers Alan Auld and Ewart Pritchard.
L-R Speakers Alan Auld and Ewart Pritchard.

About this event

The use of Artificial Ground Freezing (AGF) as a geotechnical process to stabilise ground conditions for construction is a marvel and testament of engineering ingenuity. AGF was first applied in the Welsh coalfields at Swansea in 1862, for shaft sinking, and was patented by German engineer H. Poetsch's in 1883. Since the time of these early pioneers and with the technological advances of the modern age, AGF has allowed shaft sinking to record breaking depths; a 900m deep shaft in Saskatchewan in the 1950s and 975m deep shaft in Boulby in the 1970s.

Today its application is more widespread and not confined to large scale, with many types of civil engineering project applications where the conditions prevail. This lecture will be presented with a focus on the application of AGF for civil engineering projects, covering the science and design processes required for successful application. Case histories will be presented to demonstrate construction application of the various methods, and showcase the success and not so successful projects.

The presentation will then discuss how and why AGF is chosen over other ground treatment methods and its future as a viable ground stabilising solution within today's civil engineering market - what geotechnical challenges the next generation of infrastructure projects may bring.

Speakers (see speaker section)

Alan Auld CEng FICE, Ewart Pritchard CEng MICE.

The evening is kindly sponsored by Alan Auld Group Ltd.

Organised by the Yorkshire Geotechnical Group. Refreshments from 18.00.


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Graham Horgan
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Alan Auld CEng FICE

Alan is a civil engineer by training who joined Cementation Mining Ltd in 1977 as their Chief Design Engineer at the beginning of the development of the Selby Coalfield work. After 13 years he left to become a co-founder of the civil, mining and geotechnical company, I W Farmer and Partners Ltd, which subsequently became Alan Auld Associates Ltd, and is now the Alan Auld Group Ltd.

The group has carried out major design works for deep shaft and tunnel construction and underground mining development for over 25 years and currently also has a Canadian company within the group, Alan Auld (Canada) Ltd, carrying out design and construction work for the Saskatchewan potash mines, and an American company, Phillips Auld Engineering LLC.

Ewart Pritchard CEng MICE

Ewart is a recently Chartered Civil Engineer, and has trained as a Geotechnical Design Engineer with Alan Auld Engineering Ltd, initially joining them in 2013, where he has developed his expertise on tunnelling projects for mining and London-based tunnelling. Ewart's current work is predominantly based on water attenuation shafts, microtunnelling and supporting temporary works for the utilities sector.