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Atolls, seawalls and breakwaters - meeting the challenges of the sea, Poole

  • Lecture
  • Poole
  • 18 July 2019
  • 18:00 - 13:30
Atolls, seawalls and breakwaters - meeting the challenges of the sea, Poole

About this event

Drawing on a long career working in many oceans and seas, Chris Brown will talk about evolution of design principles, model testing, the difference in appreciation of occurrence, probability and risk between the engineer and the general public, using what you’ve got and how we might all do more for less.

Chris’s recent experience includes drone & lidar surveys of Plymouth Breakwater, inspecting, listing and building seawalls on tropical islands, and reading Smeaton’ account of building the Eddystone Lighthouse - published in Imperial size in 1810.


Chris Brown

Chris graduated from London university in 1964, and was indenture to Herbert Lapworth Partners of Victoria St working on Stithians, Bough Beech & Scammonden dams (1st encounter with waves). After site experience with Kier Ltd in UK (Didcot Power Station) & Jamaica (Nain Alumina) he wound up in Australia doing seismic designs for Gladstone Alumina plant.

In 1971 he became RE for construction of a deepwater export berth and had the joy of determining the contract and finishing the project by direct labour. He subsequently was directed to coastal as well as maritime engineering. In 1986 Chris returned to UK to develop the market for Seabees in UK & USA, with some success.

Along the way he has contributed to the design of 2 high rise buildings, 3 minor bridges, 7 or 10 drydocks and numerous seawalls & breakwaters. He has been seriously involved with nuclear related projects at Devonport, both of which were opened on time and one was within budget.

In 2016 - 2017 he was with the Kiribati Adaptation Project.

At home he has a modest collection of bonsai, a 22 year old galah who flies free occasionally, and unused train-set, a lot of books and a long-suffering wife, who also works with submarines.

Event venue

Scaplen’s Court Museum
Sarum Street
Poole BH15 1JW
United Kingdom

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Barbara Sweet

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