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Basics of negotiation – an introduction to negotiation theory, Southampton

  • Lecture
  • Southampton
  • 24 October 2017
  • 17:30 - 19:30
Basics of negotiation – an introduction to negotiation theory, Southampton

About this event

Negotiations might not come naturally to some of us, but everyone can learn a few tricks to improve their skills and become a confident and well-prepared negotiator. The session highlights the factors influencing negotiation behaviours and explains the main principles of negotiation theory. There are plenty of opportunities to put these into practice and share experiences.

During this workshop Agnieszka Skrzynska, the Head of Legal for Ramboll UK, will provide an overview of classic negotiation theory and introduce elements of neuroscience. Even for an experienced negotiator, it will provide a new perspective, showing human limitations in using logic and reason and introduce awareness of how other people's behaviour can impact our decisions. Participants will learn the importance of preparation, the only stage of which of we have full control during negotiations, and there will be exercises to work through.

Note that this course will only be available to a maximum of 25 participants!

Event venue

Ramboll, Lyndhurst Meeting Room
Carlton House
Ringwood Road
Southampton SO40 7HT
United Kingdom

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Anne Qualters

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