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Behaviour of prestressed stayed steel columns, online

  • Webinar
  • Online
  • 19 October 2020
  • 18:00 - 19:00
Behaviour of prestressed stayed steel columns, online

About this event

Findings of a recently conducted experimental investigation on small-scale structures and subsequent numerical model validation will be presented. The majority of previous experimental studies have tested large-scale systems which require complex specimen preparation and laboratory set-up. This work attempts to investigate the scaling effect on the behaviour of prestressed stayed steel columns to promote the use of small-scale experiments in exploring the behaviour of full-scale systems. The experimental study consisted of tests on 17 prestressed stayed steel column systems with a range of cross-arm lengths.

Material properties of the column, cross-arm and stay system were also obtained through material characterisation tests. Results obtained from the experimental investigation were then used to validate the numerical model employed to study the scaling effect on the behaviour of prestressed stayed steel columns. Expressions describing the scaling relationship will inform how existing design guidelines can be updated to capture the effect of scale. A reliability study was also carried out by creating a surrogate model which allowed the behaviour of the system to be captured by an expression. The expression was then used to calculate the reliability of the structure. Lastly, partial safety factors are being computed for varying target reliabilities, to be used in the design of these structures.

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Image: Prestressed stayed steel column used in practice at the Chiswick Park development in West London (Osofero, A.I., Wadee, M.A. & Gardner, L. 2012, "Experimental study of critical and post-buckling behaviour of prestressed stayed columns", Journal of Constructional Steel Research, vol. 79, pp. 226-241.).

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United Kingdom

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