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Beyond the borehole: geospatial analysis for geohazard resistant foundations, Norwich

  • Lecture
  • Norwich
  • 18 April 2018
  • 18:00 - 20:00
Beyond the borehole: geospatial analysis for geohazard resistant foundations, Norwich

About this event

Geotechnical and geohazard influences are fundamental to the safe and successful operation of any infrastructure development. By moving beyond foundation-specific data acquisition and towards full area geospatial site characterisation, a ground model approach can be employed to inform foundation design with full flexibility to accommodate design and layout changes with reduced requirement for further data acquisition. This spatially extensive ground model can also be used to appraise the geohazard risk to a development.

Site-wide submarine landslide assessment using a geographical information system (GIS) will be used to demonstrate the type of geospatial analysis possible when a full 3D predictive ground model is available. Submarine landslide analysis will be presented as a probabilistic approach, essential for incorporation into a risk-based evaluation of a development. Subsequent analysis of the vulnerability of planned infrastructure to possible landslide loads will also be described, to enable geohazard mitigation through engineering design, once the likelihood of occurrence and magnitude of possible impact loads are understood.

The presentation will highlight the potentially significant cost and time savings afforded by gaining an early broad understanding of an entire site by characterising both the main terrain units and areas of more localised variability. Framing this site-understanding in a GIS-based ground model mitigates the risk of late ground conditions surprises and facilitates a practical approach to understanding and mitigating against geohazard risks to the development.


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Andrew McCloud
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David Rushton

David has 10 years' experience in geotechnical engineering, geohazard analysis and geospatial data management. David graduated from Oxford University in 2007 and joined Fugro, where he worked on a wide range of offshore geotechnical projects, specialising in the use of geographical information systems for data visualisation and geohazard analysis.

Last summer David joined East Point Geo and continues to use both traditional and novel approaches to geotechnical and geohazard problems in onshore and offshore development settings. David's geohazard experience has mostly been in offshore settings, including offshore West and East Africa, the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Work on these projects included site investigation planning, geospatial ground modelling and geohazard analysis.

Event venue

Old Hall Road
Norwich NR4 6FF
United Kingdom

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Heather Bell

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