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Graduate & Student: BIM for 3D ground modelling and design, webinar

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  • 22 June 2020
  • 12:00 - 13:30
Graduate & Student: BIM for 3D ground modelling and design, webinar

About this event

Please note that this webinar will be held from 19.00 – 20.30 HK time.

Under the growth in scale and complexity of developments, the variety in ground condition is posing more challenges to geotechnical works, which drives the extensive use of building information modelling (BIM) in the field recently. With a standardised workflow in applying BIM in geological modelling, both efficiency and accuracy of geological information management could be enhanced, achieving higher accuracy in geological interpretations and minimising risks relating to geology.

With a common database, geological models developed can be incorporated to collaborative geotechnical designs, synchronising the design parameters and unleashing the potential of design automation.

ICE HKA G&S is honoured to have Mr Thomas Bush, Senior Geologist and Ms Didi Mak, Assistant Geologist from Arup to present on the topic ‘BIM approach in 3D ground modelling and geotechnical design’ in this technical webinar. Ms Didi Mak will introduce a modelling workflow in 3D ground modelling, supported with working examples using a recent software package, Leapfrog®.

Mr Thomas Bush will introduce a collaborative approach in the conceptual design of landslide hazard mitigation works with BIM. In particular, a rapid 3D parametric tool and the scripting behind will be introduced.


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Mr Thomas Bush BEng, CGeol, FGS

Thomas Bush

Senior Geologist, Geotechnics & Maritime, Arup

Mr Thomas Bush is a Chartered Geologist who joined Arup in Hong Kong as a graduate in 2010. He has nearly nine years’ experience in the fields of engineering geology, geotechnical engineering, geographical information systems, and procurement of civil engineering contracts. He has been involved in studies spanning throughout the project life-cycle including strategic policy-level studies, feasibility studies, detailed design, and resident site supervision.

Tom’s experience spans Asia, with projects in Hong Kong, mainland China, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, and the Philippines. He has experiences in engineering geological assessments and geotechnical design for mega-infrastructure projects and site development works, natural terrain hazard assessments including quantitative risk analysis, landslide instrumentation and monitoring works, as well as strategic studies on enhanced rock cavern development in Hong Kong and providing procurement advice for a tunnel project. Tom has recently been focusing on the application of digital technologies to the engineering and construction industry.

Ms Didi Mak BSc, FGS

Didi Mak

Assistant Geologist, Geotechnics & Maritime, Arup

Ms Didi Mak is an engineering geologist who obtained her BSc in Geology at the University of Hong Kong and joined Arup in 2016. Didi has over 3 years’ experience in the fields of engineering geology and geographical information systems. She has involved in geotechnical projects of various scales and stages for both government and private sectors in Hong Kong, Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines, and the Maldives. This includes feasibility studies, cavern and underground studies, engineering studies, design and construction studies and natural terrain hazards studies.

With the passion in innovative solutions, Didi is one of the pioneers in the team to automate ground studies with digital technologies and 3D geological modelling using Leapfrog®. For her final year research, Didi is also an expertise in landslide kinematic studies and estimating basal rupture surface using surface displacement data.

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