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Birmingham Resilience Project: major new water infrastructure in Worcestershire, Droitwich Spa

21 September, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

A major new infrastructure project in Worcestershire.
A major new infrastructure project in Worcestershire.

About this event

Safeguarding the Elan Valley Aqueduct for a further century of service means Severn Trent is planning for a major programme of protection and refurbishment works. To permit this STW needs to create an alternative water supply for around 1.2 million customers in Birmingham. This involves a new intake and pumping station at Lickhill on the River Severn, 16 miles of 1 metre diameter cross-country pipeline and an upgrade to the Frankley WTW.

This is Severn Trent's most ambitious project to date and will see the delivery of a new water supply to the city of Birmingham by March 2020.

Our speaker is Simon Hinsley Severn Trent Water (STW), Project Sponsor, Birmingham Resilience Project. Simon joined Severn Trent Water in 1987 and for the last 18 months has managed the £250M Birmingham Resilience Project.

Don't miss this chance to hear about the delivery of this major infrastructure project in Worcestershire.

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