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Borders Railway reopening - Earthworks and tunnels, Edinburgh

12 January, 2016 | 18:15 - 20:00

Construction on the Borders railway is now complete and trains are running again.
Construction on the Borders railway is now complete and trains are running again.

About this event

It was clear from the outset that the cost of following established practices involving extensive ground investigation and code compliant remediation solutions would be expensive and potentially beyond the project budget. The aspiration was therefore to deliver a more economic and risk managed approach to reuse and remediation of the assets, whilst minimising future maintenance intervention and not compromising on the safe operation of the railway.

The presentation will summarise the background to the project, the geological setting, the condition of the existing assets and the constraints placed on the scheme by the permanent way. The approach to assessment and reuse of the earthworks asset will be explained together with the value achieved by adopting a collaborative and pragmatic approach to the scheme.

The challenges in reusing the existing tunnel assets will also be discussed, including the works undertaken to lower the tunnel invert and re-profile the lining to achieve gauge clearance.

Speakers will be Willie Cannon & Chris Phillips, Donaldson Associates Limited.


For further information contact: Ross Turnbull, SGG Communications Secretary, at: ross.turnbull@ch2m.com

Event materials

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Willie Cannon

Willie Cannon is a Project Director with 25 years of experience, and is a Chartered Civil Engineer, Fellow of ICE, and RoGEP Advisor. Willie works almost exclusively on delivering solutions and managing teams on design and build projects in the rail, tunnelling, highways and renewable energy market sectors.

Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips is an Associate in DAL, and Chartered Civil Engineer. He has worked on the design of tunnel projects throughout his career, both in the UK and overseas. His experience spans the remediation and asset management of existing tunnels, and the design of new tunnels by cut and cover methods, segmental linings, pipe jacking and sprayed concrete.