Bridging the gap: Pavement engineering, Nottingham

12 November, 2015 | 18:00 - 19:30

Engineers at work repaving a stretch of highway.
Engineers at work repaving a stretch of highway.

About this event

The first series of lectures ‘Bridging the Gap’. These lectures are intended for Students and recent Graduates. One speaker will be an Academic who will outline the principles taught at university, another will be an Industry Expert talking about how these principles work in practice and finally a Graduate speaker will discuss his/hers experiences from both university and work and whether their expectations were met, i.e. if the university provided enough background to prepare the graduate for the job.

Event materials

The following materials are available for download:

Academic - Nick Thom

Nick is Assistant Professor at University of Nottingham, specialising in the analysis and design of pavements and rail track. In addition to teaching highway, airfield and railway engineering, his research includes asphalt rutting and fatigue, cold-mix asphalt, concrete technology amongst others. Nick is also a consultant for AECOM.

Industry Expert – Bachar Hakim: Head of pavement asset management at AECOM Transportation

Bachar is responsible for the management and technical development of airfield, highways and ports pavement discipline, providing technical advice on the complete infrastructure life cycle of research, design, materials testing and specification, performance evaluation, maintenance management and sustainability.

Graduate – Philippos Saba

Philippos graduated following an MSc in Pavement Engineering at the University of Nottingham. A key member of the pavements team, Philippos is responsible for the analysis and design of highway pavements and at the same time supervising works for the refurbishment at RAF Waddington.