From Risk to Resilience: Practice made perfect - ICE's 11th Brunel International Lecture, London

15 June, 2016 | 18:00 - 19:35

From Risk to Resilience: Practice made perfect - ICE's 11th Brunel International Lecture, London

About this event

How to Empower Local Communities by Benchmarking Resilience​

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Engineers play an important role in dealing with extreme scenarios and in efficiently collaborating with all relevant stakeholders to ensure resilience of strategic infrastructure and cities as a whole.

At this popular event, Eelco H. Dykstra MD, Executive Chairman of Daily Impact Emergency Management (DIEM) will provide attendees with a unique and region-specific perspective on emergency management.

To create a sense of co-ownership with the audience, this creative lecture will consist of four interactive parts:

1. Common Frame of Reference
The preseantion starts with the creation of a ‘Common Frame of Reference’ covering issues such as semantics and terminology, formulas, basic principles of risk/crisis communication and a brief forecasting exercise.

2. Nine Universal Roadblocks (NUR) Model
A brief overview of the ‘Nine Universal Roadblocks’ model will be given. These are universal problems where acceptable solutions have not yet been found and the audience will be asked to prioritise these roadblocks.

3. Reality-fiction Scenario
The audience will be immersed in a “what if…?” scenario and be given an opportunity to offer conclusions and recommendations.

4. Questions and Answers
The lecture will finish with a Q&A session, allowing the audience to discuss any of the points that have been raised.

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18:00 Registration and refreshments
18:30 Welcome from the Chair
18:35 Main lecture
19:15 Questions and answers session
19:30 Summation from the Chair
19:35 Close

The lecture will be available to watch live online for those of you unable to attend the event in person. Follow to booking links to register or contact the ICE Events Team for more information.


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Event materials

The following materials are available for download:


Eelco H. Dykstra, MD
Executive Chairman, Daily Impact Emergency Management (DIEM)

John Beswick
Eelco H. Dykstra, MD

With thirty years of international emergency management experience in a wide variety of settings and a proven ability to effectively deal with European, US, African and Asian approaches to emergency management systems and their respective stakeholders, Eelco is an acclaimed presenter and motivator, particularly with interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and inter-sector audiences.

Compared to past lectureships, a somewhat different approach has been taken, which puts proactive and interdisciplinary cooperation in front of existing and new audiences, with the aim of establishing a legacy system that will remain active and relevant after the series ends in early 2018. In addition to the lecture, an optional seminar and workshop will be offered at selected locations.

Attendees of the lectures and participants in the seminar and workshop will receive a summary of the results of their feedback in the form of a DIEM Focused Feedback Report/Initial Trend Analysis.


Tim Broyd
Senior Vice President, Institution of Civil Engineers

John Beswick
Tim Broyd

Tim is Professor of Built Environment Foresight and Honorary Professor of Civil Engineering at University College London. He recently moved to UCL following a career in industry, with substantial experience as corporate director of technology, innovation and sustainability for globally operating engineering consultancies, including Atkins and Halcrow.

Within his new role he works with industry and government to understand and prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. He is currently co-leading the strategic planning of the UK’s development and implementation of BIM (Building Information Modelling). He is due to become President of the Institution of Civil Engineers in November 2016.