Building Information Modelling Level 2, Newcastle

4 October, 2016 | 17:45 - 20:00

Victoria St courtesy of Mott McDonald
Victoria St courtesy of Mott McDonald

About this event

Building Information Modelling is changing the construction industry. The Government has now mandated ‘BIM Level 2’ for all centrally funded projects in the UK.

Dr Stephen John Hamil will give an introduction to BIM Level 2. He will take a look at the standards that define it, and also some of the tools that are being utilised on construction professionals through a typical project workflow.

About the speaker

Stephen is Director of design and innovation at NBS. He first started working on NBS products in 1999 and has played a big part in the developments of products such as NBS Building, NBS Create and National BIM Library. He was the project lead for the development of the BIM Toolkit on behalf of the UK Government’s BIM Task Group. Prior to joining NBS, Stephen studied at Durham University. His first degree was in Structural Engineering followed by a PhD in the digital modelling of building structures.