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Building on a remote island, Inverness

23 February, 2016 | 17:30 - 20:30

The hilltop construction site.
The hilltop construction site.

About this event

The Royal Engineers are undertaking a complex, remote and challenging construction project building accommodation units on three hilltop sites in the Falkland Islands.

This presentation looks at the challenges and issues encountered by this project and the solutions being used to overcome them.

The Falkland Islands are nearly 8000 miles from the UK and made up of hundreds of smaller islands around two main islands in the South Atlantic. To support the aerial protection provided by the UK Government, three hilltop sites were equipped with accommodation in 1983. Long past their design life it is now the responsibility of the Royal Engineers to replace the worn out blocks with modern facilities.

Simple in requirement, welfare, feeding and bed spaces, the facilities would be an everyday build in most parts of the world, but due to all the resources having to be transported from UK the logistical issues begin to grow. The hilltop location on an island means weather can also present difficulties similar to places such as Benbecula and St Kilda in Scotland. Using ten sailings a year on the Falkland island resupply ship, and the air bridge provided by the RAF, it is a complex task to sequence and deliver all the stores in the right condition to the correct location.

The Royal Engineers are used to working in remote areas that have limited inherent resources, but the Falkland Islands' project stretches all the previous experience and helps demonstrate the versatility and flexibility of an organisation to overcome new challenges as it regains its construction confidence.

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Lieutenant Colonel Tom Marsden

Tom Marsden, Commanding Officer 39 Engineer Regiment. Commissioned into the Royal Engineers in 1997, assumed command of 39 Engineer Regiment in September 2013. The Lt Col is much travelled having served in Belize, BATUS Canada, Iraq, Germany, Cyprus, India, Italy and UK.

Major Wayne Meek

Wayne Meek, Officer Commanding 34 Field Squadron. Commissioned into the Royal Engineers in 2002, assumed command of 34 Field Squadron in Aug 2015. He has served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Germany, Gibraltar, BATUS Canada, Australia, USA and UK.

Major Pete McCloud

Pete McCloud, Officer Commanding 65 Field Support Squadron. Enlisted into the Royal Engineers in 1985 as an Apprentice Tradesman. Commissioned in 2008 assumed Command of 65 Fd Sp Sqn in Jul 2015. Since being commissioned he has served in Germany, Afghanistan, Kenya and UK.