Building Scotland’s Future, Edinburgh

19 April, 2016 | 17:30 - 20:30

Building Scotland’s Future, Edinburgh

About this event

Infrastructure may not be as high on the respective agendas of the main political parties as ICE may wish following a major pre-election meeting.

Building Scotland's Future, a multi-agency hosted hustings by built-environment organisations prior to the Scottish parliamentary elections on May 5th, was held in Edinburgh's Surgeon's Hall last week (19 April, 2016).

Infrastructure has been front and centre on the new agenda for months now with school closures, weather related damage and disruptions, closed railways due to weather and infrastructure improvements, and major arterial routes with the Forth Bridge closure due to linkage problems. All emphasise the need for efficient, effective and fit-for-purpose infrastructure looking forward to the future.

As the organisations whose members plan, design, build and manage Scotland's cities, towns, buildings and infrastructure, with a combined membership of around 25,000 people across Scotland, ICE, RTPI, RICS, BEFS, and RIAS recognise the need for our professions to work together to build Scotland's future.

With the Scottish Parliamentary Election taking place on 5 May, the main political parties were asked how they will tackle issues facing our members, such as how to:

  • promote approaches to improve the quality of the built environment
  • respond to skills and resource shortages across the built environment professions
  • fund and make decisions on future infrastructure programmes and projects
  • support and protect town and city centres
  • respond to the housing crisis by providing a quality home for everyone who needs one
  • ensure procurement and financing approaches provide best value and quality outputs
  • support communities to engage in discussion about the future of their place.

The five main political parties were invited but Iain McGill (Scottish Conservatives), Maggie Chapman (Scottish Green Party), Monica Lennon (Scottish Labour), Katy Gordon (Scottish Liberal Democrats), and MSP Marco Biagi (Scottish National Party), failed to fully convince the 134-strong audience that infrastructure sits as high on their agendas as it needs to be to meet Scotland's future needs.

If you were unable to make the hustings, the proceedings were recorded for you to view.