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Burton Flood Risk Management Scheme Stakeholders: challenges and opportunities, webinar

  • Webinar
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  • 19 January 2021
  • 17:30 - 19:00
Burton Flood Risk Management Scheme Stakeholders: challenges and opportunities, webinar

About this event

This is a joint evening webinar organised by the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) East Midlands branch, CIWEM West Midlands branch, CIWEM Rivers & Coastal Group, ICE East Midlands and ICE West Midlands.

Burton Flood Risk Management Scheme is a scheme to protect 4500 homes and 1000 businesses from the River Trent. The project is a 4.5 year construction project costing over £30m. The scheme has required extensive stakeholder engagement. This webinar is for anyone interested in the challenges and opportunities posed by key stakeholders when delivering a flood risk management scheme.

Topics will be include stakeholder engagement, external funding, collaborative working, public relations, project management, risk management and scheme delivery.

Delegates will learn lessons from how the scheme was delivered and the associated challenges and opportunities that we came across during the scheme.

In order to attend this webinar, please click booking link and follow the registration instructions on CIWEM's website.

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Will Groves

Will Groves is a senior flood risk adviser, who has has worked at the Environment Agency for 20 years. He has spent most of that time in roles which require collaboration with other organisations to deliver environmental outcomes. In the first half of his career, these collaborations included working with the third sector to deliver large scale landscape projects for biodiversity benefit and working with local authorities to improve rivers in urban areas. Most recently Will had been working on the West Midlands flood risk management programme. The current focus is the Burton flood Risk Management Scheme where he is drawing on his 20 years of experience to work with an array of other organisations to ensure the scheme's delivery, as well as delivering the aims and aspirations of partners

Danni Haden

Danni Haden is project manager at the Environment Agency. Danni has worked at the Environment Agency for 11 years. Danni’s first position was to play a significant role in developing the Midlands Flood Risk Management Programme. Danni then worked in the National Programming and Planning team working with DEFRA to develop the national Flood Risk Management programmes. More recently Danni has moved into project management where she was project manager for Leominster Flood Risk Management Scheme. After having children, Danni became the project manager for the Burton Flood Risk Management Scheme, a £30.5m project delivering a significant number of outcome measures as part of the government’s target of better protecting 300,000 homes in the current England wide flood risk management programme.

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