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Carnegie Wave Energy’s technology and projects, Perth

8 October, 2015 | 17:30 - 20:00

Jonathan Fiévez will present a talk on Caregie work developing CETO technology.
Jonathan Fiévez will present a talk on Caregie work developing CETO technology.

About this event

The Perth Wave Energy Project, which utilises CETO 5 technology, is well into its operations phase after commissioning was completed in late 2014.

The winter swells are providing a consistent source of energy and the all-important performance data is streaming. The technology team are beginning to divert more attention to the next generation CETO 6 which will deliver more power, greater efficiency and lower cost.


Jonathan Fiévez is a mechatronic engineer and specialises in new technology development and engineering team management. His background includes leading the equipment development team of a new technology for detecting fatigue cracks and material failures in aircraft structure.

Jonathan spent a number of years in Europe supporting deployment of the system on the Eurofighter, A380 and Eurocopter airframes. During that time he advanced the technology and is the author on a number of patents.

Jonathan has been at Carnegie since 2008 and is responsible for the technology development programme, leading an engineering and technical team of around ten people. The group is highly diverse with physicists, naval architects, electrical and mechanical engineers.

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