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Cavern engineering : The updated Geoguide 4 unveiled, Hong Kong

  • Lecture
  • Hong Kong
  • 23 May 2018
  • 18:30 - 20:00
Cavern engineering : The updated Geoguide 4 unveiled, Hong Kong

About this event

Geoguide 4 – Guide to Cavern Engineering was first published in 1992 and served the city well in the early days of cavern development. Over the years various elements of best practice in Cavern Engineering and Rock Mechanics have changed and needed to be updated.

The second edition has pulled together various key references, experience and publications that are in typical use in Hong Kong and practiced by regulators, designers and practitioners in the art of tunnel and underground rock cavern development. The second edition has also been expanded to cover other associated elements not covered in the previous Geoguide such as how to plan caverns and consider the long term impacts and performance of the underground spaces and support elements formed.

The second edition of Geoguide 4 consolidates some of the most relevant technological advances and experience gained over the years and now provides an updated reference of good practice for rock cavern development in Hong Kong. In the Seminar, the speaker will highlight where the key updates have been made, their relevance and how this can benefit the smooth delivery of rock cavern based development in the future.


Mark Wallace

Mark is the Director in Infrastructure of Arup, leading a professional group for providing a wide spectrum of services covering civil and geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, GIS, tunnelling and cavern business in the East Asia region. He has more than 28 years of professional experience and has been participated in many different types of engineering and infrastructure projects.

Mark has led a number of major strategic underground space studies in Hong Kong, including "Enhanced Use of Underground Space in Hong Kong", "Long-term Strategy for Cavern Development in Hong Kong" and "Territory-wide Study on Underground Space Development in the Urban Areas of Hong Kong". He is also the lead author in preparing the Second Edition of Geoguide 4. He has extensive experience in tunnelling works in Hong Kong and overseas. He has also managed various designs on natural terrain hazards as well as foundations assessments for high rise structures in Hong Kong, South Korea and the Philippines.

Event venue

Jockey Club Convention Hall
Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters
19 Hoi Ting Road
West Kowloon
Hong Kong
Hong Kong

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