CDM Managing Risks Better: A contemporary view, Kendal

8 March, 2017 | 18:00 - 20:00

CDM, Managing risk better.
CDM, Managing risk better.

About this event

CDM 2015 presented an opportunity to deal with known shortcomings with regard to designer actions. It failed to do this (see How should engineers progress in this situation? This talk will view the designer aspects of CDM from a risk management perspective and suggest how we can do better, learning from the past.

Joint event ICE Cumbria Branch and ICE NW ESHSG.


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Scott Christian


John Carpenter

John is past Secretary of SCOSS and of the TWF (Temporary Works Forum). He has taken a long-standing interest in risk management and CDM in this regard. He wrote the designer guidance for the 2007 version and has published and lectured widely on structural safety subjects. His paper 'release of safety-critical data following an incident in the construction industry' won a Telford Medal.