CEMAR - NEC3 software, Truro

20 September, 2017 | 18:00 - 20:00

Learn more about CEMAR
Learn more about CEMAR's contract event management software

About this event

CEMAR is a secure web based ‘Software as a Service’ providing contract event management and reporting; a unique system to help administer the NEC3 suite of contracts that has been designed to be simple to use.

CEMAR is tailored to the NEC3 forms of Contract and walks the team through the NEC procedures. It produces hard copy PDFs for all communications sent within CEMAR. These use the correct language of the Contract, detailing the clauses and observing the named individuals from the Contract Data.

A three tiered approach in which User permissions are controlled by defined roles in accordance with Contract delegated authority, along with financial and time thresholds. These are set on a User and Contract basis (one person could be read only on one Contract and then have full permissions on another). We also have the ability to apply internal approval/review workflow whereby an event is sent for approval before communication to the other party.

A comprehensive reporting suite comes as standard. This enables reports to be generated across a single Contract, or across a portfolio of Contracts at a framework or global level. Producing a suite of charts across a broad range of NEC3, cost, price, time, quality and behavioural metrics.

The talk will demonstrate the use of the CEMAR system for tasks including:

  • Communications within CEMAR offering compliance, audit trail and administration resources
  • Demonstration of event types, including Early Warnings and Compensation Events
  • Overview of other modules in CEMAR including Proposed Instruction / Changed Decision, Technical Queries, Payments, Programmes etc.
  • Reporting at contract level including Contract Status Report
  • Reporting using our powerful Analytics reporting tool

Megan Morgan

Megan Morgan is an experienced CEMAR Account Manager. Megan has mobilised several major portfolios onto CEMAR across various sectors including construction, utilities, and Councils. Megan has extensive experience training in CEMAR, both face-to-face and via webinar. Megan supports client Superusers and, as with all CEMAR account managers, directly feeds back ideas and proposed enhancements to our in-house development team.