Challenges of grouting shallow mineworksings & drilling in areas of abandoned mine workings, Newcastle

14 March, 2017 | 17:45 - 20:00

Grouting mineworks.
Grouting mineworks.

About this event

The challenges faced in the remediation of shallow mineworkings have increased now that coal fired power stations across the UK (the source of PFA) are being phased out. The only two local coal fired power stations have either shut or converted to bio-mass. PFA is now hauled from Liverpool, with increased haulage costs and effect on remediation programmes. Delivered by Ellen Dempster BSc(Hons)., MSc., FGS., AIMMM.

Challenges of drilling in areas of abandoned mine workings" is illustrated by a Northumberland case study. As Head of Mining and Technical Services for North East Deep Mines, the author was responsible for all aspects of drilling activities. These operations required a huge variety of techniques and innovations in difficult working conditions. Subsequently as a Mining Consultant he has been involved in many projects requiring drilling to provide opinions on the post mining activities such as gas, rising mine water and subsidence. Delivered by Norman Jackson


Ellen Dempster

Ellen Dempster BSc(Hons)., MSc., FGS., AIMMM is a Director of Groundshire Limited – a privately owned mineworkings remediation contractor, established in 1978. She has over twenty years' experience in the drilling and grouting industry, treating everything from a crown hole in someone's front garden to a £3M bypass in Scotland.

Norman Jackson

Norman Jackson has been active in the Mining Industry for almost sixty years. He was NEIMME President in 2000 and during his year of office was lead organiser for an International Conference here on mineral extraction. He is an acknowledged Expert Witness with particular expertise in undersea mining and mechanized bord and pillar. Norman is a current Member of Mining Technology Board and a lead member for a proposed International Conference of Managing Legacies of Mining in 2019.