The changing course of the Mississippi River, Bath

15 December, 2015 | 18:00 - 20:00

The changing course of the Mississippi River.
The changing course of the Mississippi River.

About this event

The Lower Mississippi River is one of the world's great river deltas. Home to two million people and an abundance of wildlife, it is also a major source of oil and gas and is the access point to the inland waterways of the United States. The pressure on the delta has come at a vast environmental cost.

The canalisation of the river has guaranteed navigation and provided flood protection, but disconnected the river from its delta. This has seen the continual loss of wetland that could see it virtually eliminated in 100 years' time. Reconnecting the Mississippi River and its sediment load to the delta, without compromising navigation, industry, and flood risk, is a great engineering challenge of our age.

Changing Course has successfully applied a design competition to this principally civil engineering conundrum. It is an initiative of the US-based non-profit advocacy group the Environmental Defense Fund, advised by Buro Happold. The competition is solely funded through major donors such as the Rockefeller and Walton Family Foundations.

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