China rising: Engineering a global investment, Shrewsbury

26 January, 2016 | 17:30 - 20:00

Looking at the rise of China.
Looking at the rise of China.

About this event

China is becoming one of the world's largest investors. From 2008, investment into infrastructure, commercial and real estate developments created an unprecedented growth in wealth and urban regeneration in mainland China. This was followed by increasing and significant investments by Chinese developers into Africa, the US and more recently the UK.


Dr Colin J Clinton, Arup Director, Head of China Business UKTI RIO and former ICE President (2005)

As Arup's Project Director for the Rose Rock International Finance Centre in Tianjin, Northern China, Colin will take us on a remarkable journey from conception, through creation, to current day reality of one of the largest civil engineering projects in China.

The proposed 1 million sq metre development with its 588m high landmark tower, is a joint venture between US Rockefeller Investor Group and the Chinese government. The development serves to define China's future on the global stage of engineering design.

Having returned from China in summer 2015, Colin will also discuss the growing investment seen here in the UK by Chinese developers and investors, and the opportunities that it brings for civil engineers and the wider engineering profession.

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