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Circular Economy in Building Structures: We are Ready for a Radical Change, webinar

  • Webinar
  • Online
  • 01 December 2020
  • 18:00 - 19:00
Circular Economy in Building Structures: We are Ready for a Radical Change, webinar

About this event

We are in a climate emergency and urgently need to reduce carbon emissions. In the UK, 49% of annual carbon emissions are attributable to buildings. 

With the increasingly successful reduction of operational energy (and thus carbon emissions) in the built environment, the industry’s next challenge is to reduce the carbon intensity of the structures themselves (embodied carbon).

The adoption of circular economic design approaches that facilitate longer building lifetimes, greater component and material reuse can reduce the input flow of embodied emissions and ensure already expended embodied carbon remains in stock.

Why we are ready for a change?

We can no longer ignore the impact our individual and collective behaviours have on our environment or society. The built environment sector uses more resources and throws away more waste than any other. Technology has made a major impact on how the construction industry marches toward the future. The need is there for construction to get smarter and more efficient too.

With more innovative tools and techniques appearing all the time, civil engineers have the responsibility to design and built sustainable assets which fulfil the expectations of the next generations.


Nicola Carniato

Nicola Carniato

Nicola is working as the Director in our Cambridge office, overseeing all the regional and projects in the Cambridgeshire region.  He is a long-standing member of AKT II where he has spent 14 years in our London office before moving to Cambridge last year.

Nicola has worked on a number of schemes spanning across several sectors and involving the complex redevelopments of functioning buildings and master plans, being able to balance the challenges of buildability, phasing and existing constraints with the aspiration of efficient and flexible new build typologies.

His academic education in both civil and mechanical engineering makes him a unique figure at AKT II, with expert knowledge across a breadth of disciplines particularly with regards to Material Science. For this reason, he also covers an important role in the London office giving technical supports to design teams involved in challenging projects.

Nicola also leads AKT II’s sustainability agenda, working with the wider team to cover bespoke research with material suppliers including timber and cement replacement strategies, as well as designing in-house software to calculate embodied carbon across a range of scenarios. Nicola is regarded as a leading industry expert in sustainability and has been invited to present at a range UK universities and institutions.

Together with the sustainability agenda, he is also involved in research projects to develop offsite manufacturing technologies with lead contractors. He is often invited to take part in conference organised by the offsite construction hub and by FutureBuild. Offsite construction is closely linked to the sustainability agenda.

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