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Claridges Mayfair Hotel basement – an innovative approach to design and construction, Cardiff

  • Lecture
  • Cardiff
  • 18 February 2020
  • 17:30 - 19:30
Claridges Mayfair Hotel basement – an innovative approach to design and construction, Cardiff

About this event

This lecture is organised by the Ground Engineering Group (GEG).

Dinesh Patel, from Arup, will talk about the unique pioneering solution invented for this project. It had no previous precedence and involved using mining technology to construct over 400m of tunnelling and 1800m of hand dug caisson foundations to support the existing Hotel. The hotel is an early example of a building supported on a weak concrete raft foundation. The ground conditions at one half of the site was very difficult as it comprised alluvial silts that were saturated – it required specialist methods to stablish the soils before any mining operations could be carried out.

Once the Hotel raft was supported on the caisson foundations, with columns rising up to the raft, all 62 column heads were fitted with jacks to control the deflection of the existing raft and thus control the building movement. The 1st of 5 levels of basement could then be excavated below the existing raft to allow a specialist low head room piling rig to construct perimeter piling and this then enabled a top down construction method to be employed for the basement construction.

The talk will concentrate on the technical challenges faced by the design and construction teams, the problems faced and how they were resolved, and live performance of the structure (load, settlement and heave) throughout the three-year construction project. There will also be some facts and figures on the costs of the project and savings on original programme as the project was delivered 4 months early to the Client. The project has since won numerous awards: Fleming Award, Ground Engineering Awards, and short list for the Institution of Structural Engineers – extreme structures award.

Event details

The lecture will be held in Trevithick Lecture Theatre, on the second floor of the Trevithick Building. The main door to the Trevithick Building requires keycard access; if the door is closed shut, access can be given by the Porters Lodge.

Light refreshments available from 5.30pm, for a 6.00pm start.


Dinesh Patel

Dinesh is a Director of Arup, specialising in geotechnical engineering. He has over 30 years of experience on all types of infrastructure, building, bridge and tunnel foundation designs. He has worked on solutions for 5 of the tallest towers with deep basements, in the City of London and is a recognised expert on basements and deep pile foundation designs, both overseas and in the UK. He has been the recipient of many previous Fleming and GE Awards on complex projects.

Event venue

Cardiff University School of Engineering
Trevithick Lecture Theatre
The Parade
Cardiff CF24 3AA
United Kingdom

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Felicity White

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