Coastal and marine engineering solutions, Muscat

17 May, 2016 | 18:30 - 20:30

Find out solutions to coastal and marine issues.
Find out solutions to coastal and marine issues.

About this event

The presentation will cover Coastal & Marine Engineering solutions.

Speaker: Francesco Galante, Coastal & Marine Sector Specialist, Maccaferri.

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Francesco Galante

Mr. Galante is a hydraulic engineer by qualification, but over the course of his career, he has built up comprehensive experience in other fields also like Maritime, airport, railways & highways. In the marine field, Mr. Galante has working experience on Coastal protection designing, large beach nourishment schemes (e.g. The Venice coastline), Port structures (Ras Laffan in Qatar and breakwaters at the three mouths of Venice lagoon).

In the field of hydraulic structures, Mr. Galante has specialized in the design aspects of sewerage networks, river development schemes, flood control in densely populated regions, the insertion of hydraulic structures in morphologically complex and highly developed areas, drainage structures for motorways & airports etc. He has worked in numerous projects around the globe.

Mr. Galante has also developed specific experience in the planning, assistance and checking of preparatory investigations for airport development projects.

In the last years, by working in firms like TECHNITAL and SOGREAH, Mr. Galante developed a vast experience in the business development, preparing technical, administrative and financial dossiers for the international tenders.