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Concurrent delay - In simple terms, Doha

18 October, 2016 | 18:00 - 19:30

Find out what concurrent delay is, how it can be identified and what it means.
Find out what concurrent delay is, how it can be identified and what it means.

About this event

Concurrent delay is the primary weapon used by Employers to avoid liability for prolongation costs. Everyone has an opinion of what is concurrent delay, but there appears to be little agreement as to what it actually is. This presentation aims to provide a simple discussion around the contentious topic of Concurrent Delay – An exploration of what it is, how it can be identified and what it really means.

Speaker: Andrew Woodward, Executive Director, Quantum Global Solutions.

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Andrew Woodward

Andrew Woodward

Andrew Woodward is a Chartered Civil Engineer, with more than 25 years' experience in the industry delivering complex civil engineering and infrastructure projects. For more than 20 years Andrew worked with major contractors, delivering large-scale highways projects, motorways schemes, bridge reconstruction works, marine works and process engineering type works.

Particular focus has been on major road-works construction involving major earth-moving activities and complex construction such as multi-span bridges, culverts and reinforced earth structures in both greenfield and brownfield sites. During these years and as a party to dispute, Andrew was involved in a number of arbitrations, adjudications and DAB processes and so understands closely the emotional issues that can also sometimes accompany contentious dispute resolution processes.

In recent years Andrew has drawn on his experiences and specialised in the dispute field, focusing on the 'thorny' issues of delay, disruption, critical delay, concurrent delay and the matters of liability. Andrew is both FCIArb and practicing Party Appointed Expert Witness, for matters of both Quantum and Delay, and from his base in the Middle East is involved in claims and dispute resolution processes on major infrastructure projects throughout the wider GCC region.