Consolidation: A retrospective, Nottingham

14 March, 2016 | 18:45 - 20:30

Consolidation: A retrospective
Consolidation: A retrospective

About this event

Analysing time effects using numerical analysis, as a way of linking Karl Terzaghi's early consolidation theories with current practice.

Too often numerical analysts concentrate on either end of the drainage spectrum: either very long term, fully 'drained' or short term, 'undrained' conditions, whereas the real world, especially during construction, is often somewhere in between. In addition, we tend to forget that shear, through dilation effects, will induce volumetric strains, often with unforeseen consequences.

This talk will look at the development of consolidation theory and current practice and implications that we should be considering in our day to day practice. Of course, in going through the analysis, one may find that ground improvement is necessary from time to time for either stability and/or settlement control reasons. We will touch on some of the common ground improvements techniques with a focus on installation effects and consequences for the ground.


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Crispin Oakman

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Sergei graduated from the University of Canterbury in 1985, and commenced work in Auckland NZ for Murray-North. This company was acquired by URS in 1997. During this time Sergei worked on a wide range of projects throughout the pacific basin. These were largely infrastructure, buildings and water related projects.

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