Construction challenges at the Song Bung 4 RCC dam in Vietnam, London

18 January, 2016 | 17:30 - 20:00

Construction challenges at the Song Bung 4 RCC dam in Vietnam, London

About this event

The main features of the dam's design and construction will be discussed including the method of river diversion; the mix design, trials, production, placement and testing of the RCC and the programme of curtain grouting.

During construction geological conditions at the left abutment proved much worse than were foreseen. The presentation will cover how geological conditions were investigated and tested and what practical measures were put in place to overcome the problems.

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Andrew Kirby (Mott MacDonald)

Andrew Kirby is a chartered civil engineer and a member of the panel of Supervising Engineers. He started his career twenty five years ago in river engineering before seeing the light and moving into the field of dams. He now provides technical advice to the Mott MacDonald Group, both in the UK and overseas, on dams, hydraulic structures and river engineering; as well as dabbling in CFD modelling and irrigation.

Over the last six years he has been Mott MacDonald's Project Manager, and for certain periods: Resident Engineer; on the Song Bung 4 Hydropower Project.

Tim Blower (Mott MacDonald)

Tim Blower is a Technical Director of Mott MacDonald, and is a Chartered Engineer and a Chartered Geologist. He is currently responsible for the technical direction of all ground engineering activities in the Cambridge office. His principle area of activity is providing engineering geology and ground engineering advice to the Environment and Water Divisions, particularly on dams, barrages, reservoirs, pipelines and water treatment works.

Accordingly, he is involved in a broad range of projects, both in the UK and overseas, and has recently been working on dams projects in the UK, Albania, Georgia, Indonesia and Zambia as well as Vietnam.