The construction of Liverpool 2, Liverpools new deep water container terminal for mega post Panamax ships, Liverpool

1 February, 2016 | 18:30 - 20:00

New cranes for Liverpool 2, Liverpool
New cranes for Liverpool 2, Liverpool's new deep water container port. Image from Peel Ports Group.

About this event

A technical talk about the construction of Liverpool 2 the latest of Liverpool`s docks built especially to accommodate mega Post Panamax size ships in the Port of Liverpool. The facility has been constructed in the river, departing from the usual in Liverpool, and has presented many engineering challenges , not least the shear size of the ships themselves.

Speaker: Damian Cross Engineering Manager Peel Ports

Please arrive at 18.00 for a 18.30 start.

Organised by Merseyside Branch in conjunction with the Historical Engineering Group.