Corrosion risks and mitigation strategies for offshore wind foundations, London

4 April, 2017 | 18:00 - 19:30

Assessing the risk of corrosion on offshore wind foundations.
Assessing the risk of corrosion on offshore wind foundations.

About this event

The presentation will cover important developments from the last decade within corrosion control of offshore wind foundations. The main corrosion risks and mitigation strategies will be reviewed, including for both external and internal surfaces. Correlation is made with data obtained from inspections, corrosion monitoring campaigns and condition assessments of decommissioned offshore structures.

To reduce Cost-Of-Energy, efforts are currently being made to optimise production and installation of offshore wind farms. Examples from ongoing research work will be given, including qualification coating systems and a new design concept for jackets.

Joint OES and The Welding Institute event.

The Welding Institute

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Troels Mathiesen, Specialist - Corrosion and Metallurgy, FORCE Technology

Troels Mathiesen

Troels Mathiesen has served as a Corrosion Specialist at FORCE Technology since 1997. Mathiesen is responsible for the electrochemical laboratory for corrosion testing and carries out consultancy and research within this field. He received his PhD and MSE in corrosion science and engineering from the Technical University of Denmark.

Over the past 15 years, marine corrosion has become a key expertise area along with the increasingly use of offshore windpower in Denmark. The main acitivities has involved failure analysis, corrosion testing, CP survey planning and interpretation and development of corrosion monitoring sensors.

Mathiesen is an active member of NACE Internatinal, the Danish Metallurgical Society and the Danish Electrochemical Society.